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Use this Mortgage Comparison Calculator to compare what you are paying on your current mortgage with that of a new rate, including associated fees.

Mortgage Quote

Select your preferred mortgage product from the drop-down list below, fill in the details and click the ‘Calculate’ button to show monthly cost for Interest only or Repayment loans, and Rent required.

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Select the preferred mortgage product from the drop-down list below, fill in the monthly income achievable from the property and the required term of the loan to calculate the maximum borrowing achievable.

A better deal for You

Our size and standing in the industry means that we can often negotiate better deals for you, including some not available elsewhere. We have also built up excellent professional relationships with lenders, so we know many of them personally. This can shave days or even weeks off your mortgage application process – and when time is money as in this business, that’s definitely an advantage worth having.

If rates change unexpectedly, we may be able to negotiate better deals or extensions of the existing rates for you, saving you money that would otherwise be lost.

Equally important to that, though, is our commitment to unbeatable personal service. The Buy to Let Business was born out of the frustrations the directors experienced from the poor service they had received at the hands of other companies. They were determined that they would offer exceptional service, based on an in-depth understanding of the sector, up-to-the-minute technical knowledge, and a passion for going the extra mile.

Perhaps all that helps explain why your business is in safe hands with us – and how we managed to increase our market share even during the recent recession.

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