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Why Choose Us?

We can think of many reasons for you to choose The Buy to Let Business. But here are the six most important ones.

1 Our service. We’ve always offered excellent service to all our clients, whatever the size of their investments. We really understand this sector; both the directors, for instance, have substantial property portfolios of their own. Indeed, the sub-standard service they received from other companies while building those portfolios was a key factor in leading them to set up The Buy to Let Business.

2 Our size. The Buy to Let Business is one of the biggest companies in this sector, despite having been started as recently as the last decade. It’s also part of a larger group of companies. Big is not beautiful in itself, but our scale of operations has allowed us to build strong professional relationships with lenders and secure great deals not always available elsewhere.

3 Our independence. We’re not tied to any mortgage providers or insurers, so we won’t recommend companies or products on the basis of how much commission they offer us. All our recommendations are down to just one factor: what’s best for you and what you’re trying to achieve.

4 Our regulation. You might be surprised to know that most of the buy to let sector is not financially regulated. The Buy to Let Business is, though: it’s regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Not only does this give you reassurance about our high professional standards, this standing is also recognised by the lenders and gives us access to the whole lending products market.

5 Our awards. Independent accolades are always more convincing than self-promotion. Take a look at some of the many awards we’ve won; and you can also see a number of unsolicited testimonials about our service and how we’ve helped a wide range of investors.

6 Our people. It’s something of a cliché for a company to say that its people are its most important asset: but at The Buy to Let Business, it’s true. Not only are they trained to a very high level, we have more support staff than consultants. This means that your mortgage application can be progressed more quickly. It also means that you never need to talk to voicemail if you call the office during working hours.

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