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Use this Mortgage Comparison Calculator to compare what you are paying on your current mortgage with that of a new rate, including associated fees.

Mortgage Quote

Select your preferred mortgage product from the drop-down list below, fill in the details and click the Calculate button to show monthly cost for Interest only or Repayment loans, and Rent required.

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Select the preferred mortgage product from the drop-down list below, fill in the monthly income achievable from the property and the required term of the loan to calculate the maximum borrowing achievable.

Here are some of the lenders that we work closely with.

Residential Rates

If you’re searching for a mortgage for your own home, talk to us first; we have some of the best rates on the market. Here are a small selection:-

last updated 13/03/2017

Lender Initial Rate Until Max LTV Arrangement Fee Redemption Penalty Rental Cover
Halifax 1.14% 2 year fixed 75% £1,499 2.25%/1.1% N/A
Nationwide 1.19% 2 year fixed 60% £999 2%/1% N/A
Woolwich 1.23% 2 year tracker 60% £999 1% N/A
Halifax 1.24% 2 year fixed 75% £999 2.25%/1.2% N/A
Nationwide 1.34% 2 year tracker 75% £999 None N/A
Leeds 1.55% 5 year discount 80% £499 5%/4%/3%/2%/1% N/A
Platform 1.59% 3 year fixed 60% £1,499 3%/2%/1% N/A
Virgin Money 1.69% 3 year fixed 65% £995 3.5% N/A
Accord 1.69% 3 year fixed 75% £995 3%/2%/1% N/A
Skipton 1.79% 5 year fixed 60% £1,995 5%/5%/4%/3%/2% N/A

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