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Mortgage Protection Guide

As mortgages are such a long-term commitment, some people suffered problems if they were unable to work through illness, accident or redundancy. For this reason, mortgage protection insurance developed.


Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) is not usually compulsory, but it can make good sense for anyone with a mortgage. Good policies will cover interest and repayments on your mortgage loan, and will typically start to pay out after one month away from work through illness or redundancy. (Compare this to the limited State benefits in this situation, which are means-tested, are often not available if you have savings, and might not kick in for up to nine months!)

MPPI policies will usually pay out for 12 or 24 months, which is enough time to most people either to recover their health or find a new job.


However, there are exceptions and exclusions, both in terms of illness and redundancy cover. Most MPPI policies don’t cover stress or back-related injuries, nor previously known medical conditions. They don’t cover you if you resign from your job, take voluntary redundancy or are dismissed through misconduct, or if you cannot work because of an illegal activity. Also, cover won’t usually apply if you’re made redundant within 60 days of taking out the policy.

How much is it?

If you do decide to buy MPPI, remember that you don’t have to buy it from your mortgage provider. It’s often cheaper to shop around.

MPPI to cover a ÂŁ700 a month mortgage repayment could cost ÂŁ10 or less a month. However, you should be aware that the very cheap policies will have a longer ‘excess period’, which is how long you need to wait after your illness or redundancy begins before the insurance starts paying out.

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