Advice and the Tech Benefits for Landlords

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We’ve seen a huge amount of tech innovation throughout the buy-to-let marketplace in recent times and even more so during the pandemic. This period has really shown how lenders and advisers are utilising a variety of online platforms to support landlords, investors and developers in getting to grips with shifting market conditions.

There has been a plethora of webinars, online events, virtual roadshows, launches of Covid-19 information hubs and live feeds, plus regular updates across social media. And this demand for information around BTL was evident when a recent series of webinars hosted by specialist finance trade body FIBA saw a whopping 1,000 registrations from the intermediary community.

Online questionnaires completed by advisers attending the webinars showed that 47% of respondents were keen to expand their service to landlords. 19% were looking to learn more to establish whether to move into the BTL space and over a third wanted to offer added value to their existing landlord clients. An encouraging 87% stated that they felt more confident in dealing with landlords and the challenges posed by the buy-to-let market. 71% went on to say that they would be actively looking to increase the number of landlords they supported over the next 12 months.

The sheer number of registrations, and the results of the questionnaire, help highlight that confidence in the buy-to-let market remains strong and that it offers significant potential for future growth. The rising awareness around the fact that advisers need to demonstrate added value, knowledge and professionalism should provide a timely shot in the arm for landlords. And these factors will certainly be crucial in helping more landlords successfully navigate these challenging times.

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