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Help Shape Your Landlord Rights

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Landlords are being given the opportunity to shape their rights to repossess properties in a major new survey.

As the Government commits to consulting on the end of Section 21 repossessions, the Residential Landlords Association is arguing strongly that landlords need to be confident that they can swiftly and easily repossess a property for legitimate reasons such as tenant rent arrears, anti-social behaviour and wanting to sell the property.

Ahead of the Government’s consultation, the RLA is giving the landlord community the opportunity to shape the future direction of the sector as it faces some of the biggest changes seen for decades. It will give landlords the opportunity to explain their experiences and frustrations of the current system and what they need to maintain their confidence at a time when the demand for rented housing is outstripping supply.

The survey also looks at what measures might be needed to mitigate the difficulties likely to be caused by the Government’s plans and the problems landlords face when repossessing properties through the courts.

Hopefully this survey will provide an important platform for landlords to have their voices heard, and help ensure that this area of the market works for them every bit as much as it does for tenants.

So why not take the time to have your say, click here for further details.

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