Is a Reform of the Eviction Process Overdue?

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Evictions are a very sensitive subject. Let’s be clear, no landlord wants to have to evict a tenant. It’s an unpleasant process for all involved. However, anyone who operates within the buy to let sector knows that sometimes it is necessary and unavoidable to do so.

According to recent figures, it seems the time it takes to regain possession of a property is growing with landlords waiting more than five months on average.

This isn’t acceptable. When a landlord needs to evict a tenant it is usually for very good reasons and if they cannot regain possession of the property quickly they could find themselves facing significant financial problems.

These figures also raise questions around the current call for longer tenancies. Landlords will clearly object to rules that dictate they must offer longer tenancies to tenants if they know they’re going to struggle to regain the property if the tenant fails to pay rent, for example.

The government needs to reform the eviction process if it wants to push ahead with this.

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