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Best BTL Rates

A selection of our very best rates.

Last updated 25/10/2019

Best buy to let rates

Lender Initial Rate Until Max LTV Arrangement Fee Redemption Penalty Rental Cover
1.39% 2 year fixed 60% £1,499 – free val 3%/2% 130% @ 5.5% QUOTE
Post office
1.4% 2 year fixed 60% £1,995 – free val + £500 cashback 3%/2% 145% @ 5.5% QUOTE
1.44% 2 year tracker 65% £1,995 2%/1% 125% @ 5.5% QUOTE
1.74% 2 year tracker 60% £1,999 – free val + £250 cashback 2%/1% 145% @ 5.5% QUOTE
1.84% 5 year fixed 70% £995 – Free val + £250 cashback 5%/4%/3%/2%/1% 135% @ 5.5% QUOTE

Best buy to let rates

 Initial Rate  1.39%
 Until  2 year fixed
 Max LTV  60%
 Arrangement Fee  £1,499 – free val
 Redemption Penalty  3%/3%
 Rental Cover  145% @ 5.5%
 Initial Rate  1.4%
 Until  2 year fixed
fixed Max LTV  60%
 Arrangement Fee  £1,995 – free val + £500 cashback
 Redemption Penalty 3%/2%
 Rental Cover  145% @ 5.5%
 Initial Rate  1.44%
 Until  2 year tracker
 Max LTV  65%
 Arrangement Fee  £1995
 Redemption Penalty  2%/1%
 Rental Cover  125% @ 5.5%
 Initial Rate  1.74%
 Until  2 year tracker
 Max LTV  60%
 Arrangement Fee  £1,999 – free val + £250 cashback
 Redemption Penalty 2%/1%
 Rental Cover  145% @ 5.5%
 Initial Rate  1.84%
 Until 5 year fixed
 Max LTV  70%
 Arrangement Fee  £995- free val + £250 cashback
 Redemption Penalty  5%/4%/3%/2%/1%
 Rental Cover  135% @ 5.5%

Why invest in BTL?

The buy to let market has changed significantly in recent years, but remains a solid long-term investment as long as you manage your risks and conduct thorough due diligence. The need for quality rental accommodation remains strong with demand continuing to outstrip supply across the country. This is due in part to a nationwide housing shortage, but the private rental sector is also proving to be a lifestyle choice for a significant amount of the population from young people through to retirees. Many appreciate the greater flexibility and freedom that renting provides along with the opportunity to live in locations that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

Buy to let mortgage requirements

The criteria for obtaining a buy to let mortgage differ from lender to lender, but the following points provide a general guide to requirements in order to have access to the most competitive rates available:

  • The property in question should be habitable/lettable
  • Minimum age is between 21–25 and maximum age is between 75–80
  • Minimum income required is usually £25,000
  • The majority of lenders will want you to have owned a property at some point in your life
  • Loan amounts usually start at £25,000
  • The majority of lenders will not lend above 75% LTV (although there are exceptions)
  • Minimum mortgage term is generally 5 years

Compare buy to let rates

There have been a number of changes in the buy to let market recently which make it more important than ever to turn to an expert for guidance. Here at The Buy to Let Business we are ideally positioned to access the very best rates from across the whole market. A selection appear above, but contact us today for details of the products that would work best for your personal circumstances.

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