Second Charge Mortgages

A cost-effective way of raising capital.

Use your equity

Second charge mortgages (or secured loans) are secured against your existing property and allow you to use your equity to raise finance.

Different lenders have different criteria, but second mortgages can be a cost-effective way of raising capital for a variety of different purposes, e.g. tax bills, home improvements, school/university tuition, business investment, debt consolidation, luxury purchases.

Why consider a second charge mortgage?

  • To capital raise from existing investment properties;
  • In order to keep a competitive rate on your first charge mortgage;
  • To avoid high ERCs on a current mortgage;
  • If your credit status has changed;
  • When funds are needed quickly;
  • Maybe a remortgage or further advance has been declined;
  • If you are stuck in debt management.

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