Tech-ing Out New Concepts

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There are always technological advances and innovative new concepts which are aimed at making our lives – whether business or personal – more efficient, effective and even profitable. Landlords are big business, so it is little wonder that they are often at the epicentre of tech offerings.

I like to follow trends and see how new ideas may (or may not) impact the BTL market. A recent venture which caught my eye was soon-to-launch online lettings community Mashroom which claims it will pay outgoing tenants to find their replacement.

Firstly, I’m always a little wary of ‘coming soon’ announcements as in – How far down the line is this? Are they just testing the water? Will this ever actually get off the ground?

Not that I am trying to devalue the development of new concepts. It’s vital that we embrace the right kinds of technology to provide more effective ways to do business and better support all types of clients.

In this case it appears that Mashroom is currently inviting landlords to help trial its system at no cost before general public availability. Now for complete transparency, I have no real knowledge of this platform or have any affiliations with it, but it is an interesting angle. Whether this proves to be a valid option or not remains to be seen, but it’s good to see the tech world focusing on providing more options for landlords and their tenants.

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