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Tenancy Debate Continues

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This week reports surfaced that the government has scrapped plans to introduce three-year tenancies, although these reports have not been confirmed. Despite this, discussion about whether such tenancies should be introduced continues.

I can see both sides. One of the benefits of renting has always been the flexibility it affords tenants, so I can understand why some landlords are arguing that such tenancies are not actually wanted by tenants. I also agree with those who say if longer tenancies are introduced we do need to look at the rights of landlords when dealing with problematic tenants.

But the overriding factor for me is this – we are living in uncertain times. We have no idea what will happen next March and what the implications will be. We’re still dealing with changes in the buy to let market that have made things more uncertain. And we all know how unpleasant this uncertainty is. Everyone craves some security – and longer tenancies will provide that for both landlords and tenants.

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